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NavCon Construction Tracking Software was developed by a team of Construction professionals partnered with an established software development company to help navigate the construction process from inspection / punch list through commissioning, closeout, and transition.  Documentation is a key to a successful project and NavCon makes the process seamless.

Navcon was developed by of three proven construction industry related Firms in that saw the need for an affordable product that was easily customizable for each project. We believe, "the construction process should drive the software, not the software drive the process".


NavCon partners include:

Sindoni Consulting & Management Services

A veteran construction/project management & Commissioning Agent and Project Management firm.

LTJ Designs & Consulting Inc

An established OSHPD/DSA inspection and Architectural Design firm


An established Software development firm.

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NavCon News

10/05/2018 Navcon was recently selected to support the transition for projects at the El Camino Hospital Campus.

09/30/2018 - Navcon Software is currently supporting the construction of the Sharp Chula Vista New Hospital Tower Project and the El Camino Hospital Campus